Hedwig Village

Hedwig Village is nestled in Houston yet remains separate after incorporating in 1954. It has its own city hall, police department and unique charm.

Minimum lot sizes begin at 15,000 to 21,000 square feet and the community is just one square mile in size – one of the smallest self-ruling municipalities in Harris County. Yet Hedwig Village offers amenities, award-winning schools and extensive properties that rival larger neighborhoods.

The neighborhood has historic roots. Originally owned by Hedwig Jankowski Schroeder, the property was later donated to┬áthe┬ácommunity and became Hedwig Village. Some say the area was once a camping ground for Sam Houston’s army as well as a treasure trove of Native American arrowheads. It has an extraordinarily strong sense of community and is a premiere location for those seeking a serene setting in which to live.